You will enjoy this story, it’s easy to understand.

It is about Wan Kamil, a wonderful friend.

In his garden, a small budding tree had grown;

It was not planted it seemed to have come on its own

Wan Kamil figured out without too many words

That it must have been animals, most likely birds

That brought to his garden the seeds of this tree

That has grown now with many fruits, a pleasure to see.

The papayas on the tree are delicious and plentiful

And my friend, Kamil with a soul so beautiful

Understands perfectly nature’s and the animal’s needs.

It are the birds who will spread more amazing seeds

He leaves some of the papayas that are ripe on the tree

The animals and birds seem to have a feast for free

But in the process they will ensure that in some place

Another papaya tree will grow by our Creator’s grace.

written by:- Aufie zophy

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