Forbes: BTS’s ‘Butter’ Was The Only Song To Sell One Million Copies In America In 2021

Acording to the forbes BTS scored the bestselling song of 2021 in America, and now that all the numbers have been tabulated and made public, it’s clear that nobody else stood a chance when it came to competing with the South Korean pop band.

“Butter” by BTS has been named the bestselling song of 2021 in the U.S., and it wasn’t even close. According to MRC Data’s annual year-end report, the catchy cut sold a whopping 1.889 million copies throughout the year. It’s incredibly rare for any title to come even close to that sum these days, so it’s not entirely shocking that “Butter” wrapped 2021 as the only single to hit one million pure purchases.

As if that wasn’t enough of an accomplishment for BTS, “Butter” was also the only song to sell half a million copies. The No. 2 bestseller of 2021, Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like,” missed reaching that mark by just 1,000 copies. “Butter” outsold the runner-up smash more than three and a half times over, easily outpacing the country track.

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