PUNJAB:Farmers had stopped Modi’s convoy, the farmer leader told how and why the whole incident happened

The Bhartiya Kisan Sangh has admitted that the Prime minister Narendra modi’s convoy was stopped by its workers.
The Bhartiya Kisan sangh cheif Surjeet singh phool said that 12-13 farmer organization decides to protest as the government had not formed any commettee on minimum support price (MSP).

however he added that the group was 8 km away from the place where PM Modi’s rally was planned and it was the last minute diversionof the PM’s convoy that resulted in this incident.

He further said that it was all an illusion, we dont know how Pm’s schedule was changed. If we had been sure thathe was coming from the road. we would have cleared the road .

Wheter asked him about BKU revolutionary members would apologize for the incident that resulted in a major security lapse, Phool said there was no question of apologizing as it was their “democratic right” to protest .

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