KGF Chapter 2: Fan request college principal for celebrates Naveen Kumar Gowda (Yash)’s Birthday.

Happy birthday to the heartthrob of the nation, @TheNameIsYash is trending on the social sites . Yash’s fan following craze is often seen in public.

One such a crazy fan’s story presented in Bellary,Karnatka where K Shivakumar, is a BCom student stu​dying in 3rd semester. He is a diehard fan of Rocking Star Yash and never fails to celebrate the actor’s birthday in whichever way possible. This year, because of curbs due to Covid, he decided to take part in online celebration that fans across the state have planned on January 8 so he requested leave to celebrate his favorite actor’s birthday online but whatever his leave is approved or not by the principal is yet unclear.

A true inspiration who has scaled new heights. With the growth & story that we are weaving together, hope to set new records with you. To more incoming madness.

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