Squid Game’s O Yeong-su Becomes First Korean to win Best supporting actor at the Golden Globes.

The Beverly hilton hills, united states: The 77 years old actor scored an award for best supporting actor in a series for his work on the Netflix show. Yeong-su markes the first time a korean actor has take home a Golden Globe in the best supporting role catagory.

In the statement issued via Netflix O Yeong-su said ” while embracing the scent of our culture and while embracing the love for my family deep in my heart, I feel like i am floating in air.” I give thanks to everyone in the world. I hope you all live beautifull lives. Thank you.

He started acting at 22 years. He is now 77 years old and win his first ever international award after 55 years of acting.

Don’t stop doing what you love .

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