UNI Pay 1/3rd card: 90 Days “credit period” to repay the full amount. Should you apply for it?

The card allows you to divide your dues into three equal parts and pay over three months, at no extra cost

The UNI Pay 1/3rd card was launched by Uniorbit Technologies (UNI), in partnership with the RBL Bank, State Bank of Mauritius (SBM), and Liquiloans. It is not like a traditional credit card where your interest starts accumulating from the first billing cycle’s payment date. With this card, you can spend anywhere and pay 1/3rd of your bill on groceries & essentials, emergency & bills, fashion sale, or even on party. Pay your monthly spend in 3 parts in 3 months without any extra charges.

Although the card allows you to split your monthly bills into three interest-free and cost-free installments, it could softly lead you into a debt trap, if your spending goes on unchecked. If you fail to meet your payment deadlines, the charges are high.

Although the card doesn’t charge interest for the billing amount within the 1/3rd payment window, it charges a late fee, if you miss any of the three installments. As per the chart available on the websites of Uni Cards and HDFC Bank (for comparison), an unbilled amount of Rs 40,000 with UNI card would attract a late payment charge of Rs 3,000. 

There is a minimum amount due every month that is 7.5 per cent of total principal outstanding. If you pay less than this minimum amount, a carry forward fees of up to 5.5 percent a month would be charged in the next billing cycle. The carry forward fee varies with the customer’s credit profile and past repayment record. It will be communicated at the time of repayment. Assuming that a customer is charged 5.5 percent a month (i.e., 66 percent a year) as carry forward fees, UNI Pay 1/3rd Card turns out to be more expensive than other credit cards for those who miss their payments. “If you do not pay that minimum due amount, then you are a delinquent customer and are accordingly reported to the bureau,” says Nitin Gupta.

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