Corona Virus: The world was shocked by the havoc of Omicron variant, which countries imposed lockdown?

New Delhi: Omicron, a new variant of the corona virus, has caused a worldwide outcry. In the last week, there has been an increase of 11% in corona infection cases in the world. The World Health Organization has warned that the risk posed by the Omicron variant is still too high. This variant has spread in 108 countries of the world. The spread of the virus in many countries remains a grim situation. Many of these countries have imposed partial lockdown in their country. Many countries have implemented strict sanctions. Omicron has caused havoc in some states of India. It is spreading five times faster than the delta variant.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi advised the Chief Ministers that the governments should continue to issue the guidelines related to home isolation. Also, improve it from time to time. During this, the better the system of testing, tracking and treatment, the less the burden on hospitals will increase. PM Modi said that apart from fighting Omicron, the country also needs to be prepared to deal with other variants of Corona in future.

Canada: The Omicron virus has taken a formidable form in Canada. Ontario and Quebec have imposed very strict lockdowns. Schools and other indoor activities are completely closed. Strict punishment has been provided for violation of rules. There is a fine of $6,000 for breaking the rules.

Britain: Britain is one of the countries most affected by Omicron. The government of Britain is in a dilemma. There is fierce opposition to the lockdown in Britain. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that schools and business activities will not be closed in the country. European Union have decided not to close schools and businesses due to the rising corona .

United state: In America, the federal and state governments are shying away from imposing lockdown. Despite the spread of Omicron, business establishments are open in more than half of the states. However, some states have imposed partial restrictions.

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