Tsunami waves triggered by undersea volcanic eruption hit Tonga.

New Delhi: Tsunami waves triggered due to an undersea volcanic eruption in Tonga raised concerns among Pacific nations and humanitarian groups as they tried to establish communications with the island nation even as the volcano cut internet and telephone connections to the country.

The eruption cut the internet to Tonga, leaving friends and family members around the world anxiously trying to get in touch to figure out if there were any injuries and the extent of the damage.

the underwater volcano Hunga Tonga-Hunga Haʻapai erupted, after the region witnessed heavy rainfall, thunder and lightning.

After an underwater volcano erupted in the Pacific Island nation of Tonga, a tsunami threat was issued in many places, including New Zealand and even in parts US. As plumes of smoke blackened out the sky and sent powerful waves surging through villages, netizens started taking to social media to share photos and videos.

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