India -Japan freindship helpful for global peace and prosperity

India and Japan established diplomatic relations on 28 April 1952. In 2022, the two countries will celebrate the 70th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations. The whole year will be marked by festive events.This is an opportunity to be mindful of the present and envision our future. It gives me pleasure that we can celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Independence of India and the 70th anniversary of Japan-India diplomatic relations together.

n 1951, when India hosted the first Asian Games in New Delhi, it invited Japanese athletes. This was one of the first occasions where the Japanese flag was hoisted after WWII. This experience soothed the minds of Japanese people who were struggling to rebuild their country. After 70 years of multi-layered exchanges, the relationship between our two countries grew into a ‘Special Strategic and Global Partnership’. Our partnership is based on a deep respect for each other’s contributions in promoting peace, stability and development in Asia and beyond.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, our ties continue to flourish. Even though the number of in-person interactions may have been impacted, this in no way does this imply that our ties have weakened. Our long history substantiates that. Our common vision for the future will never be affected. We can strengthen our partnership even during the pandemic by utilising digital technology as a facilitator of new and innovative methods to stay in touch with each other.

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