Bollywood: Shahrukh Khan sent a special gift to an Egyptian fan.

Actor Shah Rukh Khan is also known as the Badshah of Bollywood for respecting the love of his fans and accepting their affection gracefully apart from his good personality. Recently, the news of a foreign fan of superstar Shahrukh Khan was going viral on social media. Who helped the Indian woman only because she was from Shahrukh Khan’s country.

Actually an Indian woman named Ashwini Deshpande had gone to Egypt recently. There due to some technical problem, money was not being transferred from her account. In such a situation, an Egyptian citizen came forward to help her. He said that “You are from Shahrukh Khan’s country, so I trust on you.” Saying this, the man got the ticket booked for the woman. And further said, ‘If there was someone else, I would not have done this but anything for SRK’. Now there has been an interesting twist in this story.

On receiving this news, Superstar Shah Rukh Khan thanked his fan and sent him a signed picture of himself and a handwritten note. Ashwini Deshpande has given information about this by tweeting on Saturday. She told that Shahrukh Khan took cognizance of this incident and sent an autographed photo of himself and a handwritten note to his fan.

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