Canada: 4 people who died fiercely on the Canada border are from Gujarat? PM Trudeau’s statement

Cases of human trafficking are increasing rapidly on the Canada-US border. In the past, four Indians have also fallen victim to it. These people entered Canada illegally through America, but they died fiercely in -35 degree temperature. A newborn was also included in these four people. Those killed are from Gujarat, it is feared. At present they have not been identified. Expressing condolence on this incident, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has also sought a report from the ambassadors.

According to the information, three different human trafficking cases have been reported near the US/Canada border in the last one month. Seven Indian people have been arrested in this, while the bodies of four people have been found. All the seven arrested people speak Gujarati. Some of them know a little bit of English, while some don’t at all. Let us tell you that outside India, there are a large number of Gujaratis in the US and Canada as well.

Unidentified dead, family worried in Gujarat

A man from Dingucha village in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar district said on Sunday that he and his family were concerned to hear about four people dying of cold while crossing the US-Canada border. The man said that he is unable to contact his family members who had recently left for Canada.

According to news agency PTI, Gandhinagar District Magistrate Kuldeep Arya said that he has received information that a family from Dingucha village had gone to Canada on a valid visa but they have not received any information about the dead or their relation to this village. Let us inform that Jagdish Patel of Gujarat had recently left for Canada with his wife and two children. At present, relatives have not been able to contact him in any way.

PM Justin Trudeau’s statement

Talks are going on between the two countries to stop illegal attempts to enter Canada from the US. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau gave this information. Let us tell you that when Donald Trump became the President of America in 2016, the trend of crossing the border to Canada has intensified, which continues till now. Trudeau said that people do this for a better standard of living, but trying to enter by crossing the border in this way proves fatal. There is danger in this, so every effort is being made to stop it.

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