USA: America took this step, the speculation of Russia’s attack on Ukraine intensified

Russia denies attack on Ukraine

Tension continues on the border between Ukraine and Russia. The fear of Russia’s attack on Ukraine is also being expressed continuously. Meanwhile, news has come that America is evacuating its embassy in Ukraine’s capital Kiev. The State Department ordered the families of the diplomats to leave the US embassy on Sunday afternoon.

According to a report in ABC News, the US State Department issued a travel advisory on Sunday and advised US citizens living in Ukraine to return to the country.

“These are prudent precautions that in no way undermine our commitment and support to Ukraine,” a senior foreign ministry official said. The official said that this is being done in view of the military deployment on the Ukrainian border from Russia.

Russia is also evacuating its embassy

Recently there were reports that Russia is also recalling its diplomats and their families from Ukraine. There was also news of the departure of Russian diplomats from the consulate in Lvov.

The New York Times claimed this by quoting some officials. The New York Times published a report in which the newspaper claimed that 18 people, including the children and wives of Russian diplomats, had left Ukraine on January 5.

What is the whole dispute between Ukraine and Russia?

Ukraine gained independence in 1991 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The number of Russian-speaking people in Ukraine is quite high. In 2014, there were large demonstrations against the Russian-backed government of Ukraine and the government had to resign. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Russia annexed Crimea, part of Ukraine.

Russia argued that it had a duty to protect Russian-speaking people, so this step was necessary to protect the people of Russian-speaking Crimea from the damage caused by the rebellion.

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