Burkina Faso: Army told the President incompetent, came on TV and said – ‘Now we occupy the country’

Ouagadougou: The military has carried out a coup in Burkina Faso. The army has taken the President hostage and dissolved the Parliament. Military officials said on state television on Monday that the army had taken over the country. All borders have been sealed. The officials have assured the public that the constitutional system will be returned at the appropriate time, but there is no information about when this appropriate time will come.

Earlier, it was said from the army that President Roch Kabore has been taken hostage and the constitution has been suspended. The army justified the coup, saying that Kabore had failed on all fronts. The security system had deteriorated during his tenure. He also failed to deal with the Islamic insurgents who failed to unite the West African nation.

The army says that the takeover was done peacefully and the arrested people have been kept in safe places. Let us tell that till Sunday night and early Monday, the sound of firing was heard near the President’s residence and clashes were seen. A large number of security forces were also deployed in front of the office of the government television RTB.

The plan of rebellion was already made

Kabore was the President since 2015 and anger against him has increased since November 2020. People are angry with him because of his alleged inability to deal with jihadi violence in the country. Attacks by Al Qaeda and Islamic State are increasing in the country. So far thousands of people have died in these attacks and about 1.5 million people have been displaced. During this, the army has also suffered heavy losses. Angry rebel soldiers told the Associated Press that the government was cut off from the security forces operating in the area and their comrades were dying, so they wanted military rule in the country. A rebel soldier said that about 100 soldiers had planned the uprising in August itself.

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