US citizen accepted Islam inspired by the morality of the Taliban.

While the Taliban regime in Afghanistan is being criticized around the world, an American man has accepted Islam while praising the Taliban. Giving information about this, Afghanistan’s official news agency said that an American citizen in Afghanistan has converted to Islam in the presence of Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid.

The name of the American citizen is Christopher. After converting to Islam, he has now been given the name of Muhammad Isa. Isa told that he has been living in Afghanistan for many years. He says that he was inspired by the morality of the Taliban, so he has embraced Islam.

According to the report of the Express Tribune, when Zabihullah Mujahid gave the name of a US citizen to a Muslim, his eyes came with tears. It was with tearful eyes that Christopher repeated his new name at the time of initiation. The Taliban spokesman welcomed the conversion and embraced Jesus.

The Taliban captured Afghanistan on 15 August. Since then, there have been reports of human rights violations of women and common people from Afghanistan. Women were thrown out of social life and imprisoned in homes. There was a ban on his reading and writing and working in the office.

These decisions of Taliban are being criticized all over the world. International human rights organizations are questioning these steps of the Taliban. No country has yet recognized the Taliban’s government. The Taliban recently appealed to Islamic countries to recognize their government.

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