Tradition change on this Republic Day, know what will be special at Rajpath?

The country is celebrating its 73rd Republic Day. All preparations have been made for the ceremony in the national capital Delhi. However, this year in view of the fog, the parade and flypast demonstration will start half an hour late i.e. 10:30 am on the Rajpath. Every year this program used to start at 10 am. At the same time, like last year due to Corona epidemic, no foreign chief guest will come this time too.

For the first time in this national event, a grand fly-past of 75 aircraft of the Indian Air Force will be done, as well as 480 contestants selected through a competitive process will give cultural performances. At the same time, 10 large LED screens will be installed at a distance of every 75 meters to show the program to the people sitting far away at the venue.

Only adults who have received both doses of the vaccine, children of 15 years and above who have received one dose will be allowed to enter the parade. All the rules of social distancing will be followed and wearing of mask has been made mandatory. Due to Corona, this time the number of viewers has also been limited. This time only 5 to 8 thousand spectators have been allowed to attend. Last year 25 thousand people saw the parade.

This time the parade route has also been shortened. Earlier the route used to be 8.3 kms, which has now reduced to 3.3 kms. However, despite the short 5 km route, the tableaux of the parade will end at the Red Fort. This time no foreign guest will be included in the parade as the chief guest. The government had sent invitations to the heads of state of five Central Asian countries. But it has been canceled due to Corona.

The special thing is that this time in this national function special arrangements have been made for those sections of the society, who usually do not get to see the parade. Certain sections of auto-rickshaw drivers, workers, sanitation workers and front line health workers have been invited to witness the ‘Beating the Retreat’ ceremony along with the Republic Day parade.

These special things will be seen on Rajpath:-

  • Weapons and equipment used in the Indo-Pakistani wars of 1965 and 1971 will be shown.
  • The old armored vehicles and artillery will be a symbol of the wars fought by the Indian Army in the last decades.
  • New things to replace old equipment, weapons and technology will also be displayed. This time the parade will be a unique amalgamation of the celebration of the Republic and the Amrit Festival of Independence.

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