Britain said – It is very difficult for Russia to occupy Ukraine

Britain’s Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has said Russia faces “big challenges” in entering Ukraine’s major cities. Both the Ukrainian army and civilians can compete with the Russian army. With whatever means available to them, they can try to push the Russian army back.

He said the encirclement and indiscriminate bombing of major urban centers was part of Russian military doctrine. Under this, they lay siege to the population, which the army thinks can be destroyed. After that, they capture whatever is left there. But the geographical size of Ukraine is huge. The population is also large. About four crore and forty lakhs live here. This will make it very difficult for Russia to occupy Ukraine.

In the BBC Breakfast program, Wallace referred to the war experiences of Russia in Chechnya, the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and Western countries in Iraq, saying that it is in this situation that the actual casualties begin to increase.

He said that attacking a country with a large army is one thing and taking four crore and forty lakh people under its control is another. Especially when this public does not want you to come to their country. In such a situation it is a very difficult task. Wallace declined to exercise the option of enforcing a no-fly zone on behalf of NATO.

He said that if Russia violates it even once after implementing the no-fly zone, it could lead to a war in Europe.

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