Grateful for India’s ‘balanced stand’ on Ukraine said by Russia’s envoy

Denis Alipov, who has been nominated as the new Ambassador of Russia to India, has said that India’s impartial stand on the situation in Ukraine is based on an assessment of the situation. He said that this is not because he is dependent on Russia’s weapons.

He said- We are India’s strategic allies. We are grateful to India for the balanced approach that India took in the United Nations. India understands the depth of this crisis.

On Tuesday, an Indian student was killed in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The Ministry of External Affairs had said that Naveen, a resident of Karnataka, died in the shelling. The Indian government has evacuated a large number of Indian citizens through the neighboring countries of Ukraine. For this, the help of the Air Force is also being taken. But it is believed that a large number of Indian citizens are still trapped in Ukraine.

Recently, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin. During that time he raised the issue of safe evacuation of Indians.

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