Russia ready to stop the war for 6 hours to evacuate Indians from Kharkiv

Kyiv: Thursday is the eighth day of the Russian-Ukraine War between Ukraine and Russia. Meanwhile, the Indian government is trying hard to bring back the Indians trapped in Ukraine safely. For this the help of the Air Force is also being taken. Meanwhile, the Government of India (Russia-Ukraine War Indian Nationals Evacuation:) has made an important agreement with Russia. Russia has agreed to stop the war for 6 hours to rescue the Indians trapped in Kharkiv. This gap has been taken to take the Indian people trapped there safely from Kharkiv to the borders of countries around Ukraine.

Thousands of students are still reported trapped in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. It was told that Indians are not being allowed to leave. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday night. During this, PM Modi raised the issue of safe evacuation of Indians trapped in Ukraine. The President of Russia had told the PM that Russia is ready to provide all possible help. Ukrainian army is using Indian students as human shields in Kharkiv.

Putin had given assurance of help

During a conversation with PM Modi, Vladimir Putin had assured that all necessary instructions have been issued to evacuate Indian students from the war zone and send them to India. The Russian army will make every effort in this direction. He also talked about building a secure corridor from Kharkiv to Russia by the Russian Army for the immediate rescue of Indian students. The very next day, Russia has agreed to stop the war for 6 hours.

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