US Secretary of State will be on a tour of Europe for the next six days

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will visit six countries in Europe over the next six days.

Blinken’s visit comes at a time when the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has reached its peak. During the visit, Blinken will meet with NATO and EU leaders in Brussels. Apart from this, he will meet the leaders of Poland, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

In Wednesday’s remarks, Blinken said the crisis posed a threat to “the stability of Europe and the rules-based governance in the world”.

He also expressed concern over the indiscriminate bombing by the Russian military and the rhetoric about the use of nuclear weapons.

“This is President Putin’s war, this is not the war of the Russian people,” he said. My message to the people of Russia is that, if they can hear it, then… we know how many of you are out there who don’t want to take part in this war.”

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