Bill Gates Ex-wife Melinda French Gates interviewed for the first time after separating from Bill Gates, explained the reason for the divorce

New Delhi: Melinda French Gates has criticized the friendship of her ex-husband Bill Gates and financier Jeffrey Epstein. Actually, Bill Gates was in contact with financier Jeffrey Epstein. Who was guilty of sexual abuse of child girls and committed suicide inside the jail in the year 2019. Melinda French Gates interviewed on television for the first time since her divorce from Bill Gates.

When asked by a CBS reporter whether her husband’s relationship with Epstein played a role in their divorce. To this he said that it was one of “many things”. Due to which this divorce happened.

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates divorced in the year 2021 and ended their 27-year marriage. While issuing a statement, both of them said that we have decided to end our marriage.

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