China will not impose economic sanctions on Russia

BEIJING: Amidst Russia’s attack on Ukraine, various countries are trying to take their citizens to safe havens. Meanwhile, China said on Wednesday that one of its civilians was injured in a gunfight in Ukraine, while 2,500 Chinese civilians have been evacuated to safer places in the war-torn country.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said a Chinese civilian was injured in the shooting in Ukraine. He said the Chinese embassy in Ukraine has contacted him and he is out of danger.

Wang Wenbin said that so far 2,500 Chinese nationals have been evacuated and evacuation efforts are going on in a systematic manner. According to reports, more than 6,000 Chinese citizens are stranded in Ukraine.Chinese authorities have tried to relocate them to neighboring countries for evacuation. At the same time, amid all the economic sanctions on Russia, China’s bank regulator said on Wednesday that Beijing would not join the US and European governments’ move to impose financial sanctions on Russia.

Let us tell you that China is a major buyer of Russian oil and gas and has been avoiding criticism of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Guo Shuqing, chairman of the Chinese Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, said Beijing opposes the sanctions. “We will not engage in such sanctions and we will conduct normal economic, trade and financial exchanges with all relevant parties,” Guo said. We reject financial sanctions, especially sanctions introduced unilaterally, as these have no substantial legal basis and will not have a good effect.

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