Indian student shot dead in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv

New Delhi: Union Minister VK Singh told news agency ANI today that an Indian student was allegedly shot dead in Ukraine ‘s capital Kyiv . According to the minister, the student was trying to escape from Kyiv when he was injured in the firing.

The minister said that after this he was taken back to the city and admitted to the hospital. General VK Singh said, “We heard reports that a student leaving Kyiv was shot. He was taken back to Kyiv. All this is happening in the midst of war.”

Gen Singh is one of the four ministers sent as special envoys to Ukraine’s neighboring countries to oversee the evacuation of Indians from war-torn Ukraine.

Let us tell you that the Russian army is wreaking havoc in Ukraine. Russia has also attacked Ukraine’s major nuclear power plant, causing a fire in that plant. Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba called for an end to the attack on the nuclear power plant. At the same time, Russia has controlled most parts of Kharkiv. There has been a lot of damage to life and property. Many buildings and vehicles have been badly damaged.

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