NATO did not accept Zelensky’s appeal, said- ‘Won’t implement no-fly zone in Ukraine’

BRUSSELS: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says the military organization will not enforce a ‘no fly zone’ in Ukraine, as such a move would spark Europe’s widespread war with nuclear-armed Russia. . After chairing a meeting of US Secretary of State Antoine Blinken and foreign ministers of other NATO member states, Stoltenberg acknowledged Ukraine’s pain, saying that Russian forces have intensified attacks in Ukraine and are attacking cities and other sites. are heavily bombed.

Stoltenberg said Russia’s attack in Ukraine has forced more than one million people to leave the country. “What is happening in Ukraine is appalling,” he said. It is painful that the human suffering we are witnessing and the level of devastation we have not seen in Europe since World War II. We are not going to Ukraine, neither on land nor in Ukraine’s airspace.’ NATO’s security guarantees are for 30 member states and Article 5 of the treaty says that if one member is attacked, all the members will be killed. Will come forward to defend.

If any warship of Russia NATO is shot down then this situation can come. The NATO secretary general said, “There is only one way to enforce a flight ban zone.” That is, NATO sends its fighters into Ukrainian airspace and enforces a flight-restricted zone by shooting down Russian planes. If sent) this will lead to a widespread war in Europe.’

Let us tell you that the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, had appealed to the Western countries to implement a restricted flight zone in their country. This appeal has been made after the night fire at a nuclear plant in Ukraine. The plant is the largest in Europe. Stoltenberg said, “We are not part of this conflict and our responsibility is to ensure that this (war) does not escalate and does not go beyond Ukraine, because if it happens it will be more destructive and dangerous.”

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