Indian students trapped in Sumi.

The latest news is coming from Sumi, where around 800 Indian students are stranded. They have neither food left nor water. Russia is saying that Ukraine is using these students as shields, while Ukraine is saying that Russia is not stopping the attacks so that the students can be expelled.

In such a situation, questions are being raised that despite the possibility of a Russian attack, was there a delay in the evacuation of Indians trapped in Ukraine?

India delayed issuance of advisory

By February 12, t such as the US, Britain, Japan, Israel, Germany, Norway, South Korea and Latvia had issued advisories to their citizens to leave Ukraine. From US President Joe Biden to Antony Blinken, they were clearly saying that Russia was going to attack. Leave Ukraine as soon as possible.

The Indian Embassy issued its first advisory on 15 February. Its language was also very loose. It said that students residing in Ukraine who do not need to live can consider leaving the country temporarily. Not enough flights were arranged to leave from there. There were limited flights, whose fares increased up to three times as demand increased.

India: Operation Ganga started after Russian attack

Operation Ganga was launched on 26 February and India very actively started transporting its citizens from Ukraine to India. It is expected that by March 10, most of the Indians trapped in Ukraine will return home.

At present, a major concern is of the Indian students trapped in Sumi. According to reports, their number is being told around 800. These children are pleading by putting a video on social media that, ‘We are running out of food and water. There is firing going on all around. We will be killed, Modi ji please help.’

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