Iodine sold more than the demand of the year in europe,Putin’s statement responsible behind the demand

There is panic in Europe after Russia’s attack on Ukraine and President Vladimir Putin’s order to put nuclear weapons on high alert. The situation is that everyone in Central Europe is running to buy iodine. Due to this, the demand for iodine in Europe has increased significantly and it has decreased. Actually, people believe that iodine can prove to be effective in protecting against nuclear radiation.

Nikolay Kostov, the head of the pharmacy union, said that in the last six days, all the pharmacies in Bulgaria have sold more iodine than the year’s consumption. We have placed new orders but are afraid they may not last long. Dr. Miroslava Stankova, representative of Dr. Max Pharmacies in the Czech Republic, told that this is madness. People are buying and stocking iodine like crazy.

Let us tell you that iodine syrup and tablets are believed to be helpful in protecting against thyroid cancer caused by nuclear radiation. In fact, people living near the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan are still advised to use iodine. It is worth noting that in 2011, when the tsunami hit, there was a nuclear leak from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, due to which many people were affected.

Let us tell you that whether it is about Poland or Bulgaria, people who have been acquainted with the Soviet Union are constantly making rounds of the passport office. They have filled the tanks of their vehicles and are ready to leave the city at any moment. At the same time, many people are inquiring to join the army.

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