Putin refuses to impose martial law in Russia

Moscow: In the midst of the war with Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that there is nothing at this time that would lead to the imposition of martial law in Russia. Let us tell you that Putin has given the statement at a time when there was speculation that martial law could be imposed in Russia.

Putin said that martial law is imposed in the country where there is an external attack. He said that he does not see any such situation in Russia and hopes that such a situation does not arise.

Outside interference will not be accepted

Russian President Vladimir Putin also said Moscow would consider “joining the war” any third party declaring a ‘No Fly Zone’ over Ukraine. In a meeting with the women pilots, Putin said on Saturday that any move in this direction would be considered by Russia as an outside interference and as a threat to the Russian military. “At that very moment we will consider them to be involved in a military conflict and it does not matter who they are members of,” he said.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged NATO to declare the airspace over his country a ‘No Fly Zone’. NATO says that declaring such a ‘No Fly Zone’ will ban all unauthorized aircraft over Ukraine, which will lead to a large-scale war between European countries with nuclear-armed Russia.

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