Ukraine asks Germany for ‘defensive’ weapons.

Ukraine sent an official request to the German government for support in the form of “defensive” weapons, according to a newspaper report.

In a letter cited by Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung, the Ukrainian Embassy appealed to Berlin for a swift response, given the “extremely tense security situation and the threat of Russian aggression.”

Russia denies it is planning an invasion. It has demanded a number of security guarantees from the West, including that Ukraine never be allowed to join NATO and that the military alliance pull back its forces from eastern Europe.In response to the Russian demands, NATO and the United States have said both points are non-starters and instead offered further talks on missile and troop reductions.

NATO allies the US, the UK and the Baltic states have sent arms to Ukraine. But Germany has made it clear it will not follow suit.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz this week defended the decision not to send weapons to Ukraine and said his government was pursuing a double strategy: promising crippling sanctions on Russia if it invades Ukraine and offering talks over ways to calm the situation.

Alexander Graf Lambsdorff said weapons exports wouldn’t make a big difference anyway. We have a situation in which the Ukrainian armed forces are militarily inferior to the Russian armed forces by a factor that could never be made up by arms deliveries.

We have offered support for their cyberdefenses, we have offered military training to officers from the Ukrainian armed forces, we have sent a field hospital to Ukraine, we are supporting the country economically and politically, so there are a number of ways in which Germans support Ukraine, its territorial integrity, its political sovereignty,” he said.

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