Seize opportunity to export best quality wheat, as demand surges amid Russia Ukraine war

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday said that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine , two of the biggest wheat exporters in the world, has increased the demand for India’s wheat in global markets and this opportunity could be used to provide the best-quality product globally.

Speaking at a webinar ‘Financing for Growth & Aspirational Economy’ organised by the finance ministry, he said there is now a renewed push towards self-dependence in meeting the country’s requirements, while at the same time also on seizing opportunities of boosting growth.

There is news of the rising attractiveness of domestic wheat in global markets, and the financial sector, import-export departments as well as shipping industry should make a ‘comprehensive effort’ to help wheat and other exporters

‘Suppose now an opportunity has come to export Indian wheat, we should seize this opportunity and provide the best-quality product with the best service, and slowly such an arrangement will become permanent’ he said.

Wheat prices have skyrocketed globally due to the geopolitical situation, especially since Russia and Ukraine are the world’s second-largest and fourth-largest wheat exporters, respectively.

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