‘World’s deadliest’ Canadian sniper to join Ukrainian army to fight Russian forces

Russia has been attacking Ukraine for more than two weeks. It has been carrying out airstrikes to capture key cities of Ukraine. The Ukrainian military is also retaliating. As a result, thousands of soldiers have been reported killed in both countries.

Since the Russian invasion, Ukraine has received support from all over the world. Earlier, a man from the United Kingdom (UK) claimed that he is travelling to Ukraine to fight Russian forces because he is not doing much with his life. Harvey Hunt, a 50-year-old man, had entered in the British Army over 34 years earlier and served for more than three years. Hunt is set to travel to Poland, where he will seek out other fighters, according to the Wales Online.

Now the news comeout, an expert Canadian sharpshooter known as ‘Wali’ has landed in Ukraine and pledged to battle Russian forces as a volunteer fighter. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Wali said. ‘It’s like we were friends right away. A week ago, I was still programming stuff. Now I’m grabbing anti-tank missiles in a warehouse to kill real people. ‘ That’s my reality right now.”

According to Wali, three other former Canadian troops accompanied him on his expedition, He and other veterans have taken refuge at an abandoned house in Ukraine since crossing the border, awaiting a meeting with Ukrainian authorities.

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