Middle East nations refrain from sanctioning Russia

Russian invasion of Ukraine has put several states in Middle east in a very difficult position. One the hand they can not openly Condone aggression and the invesion of an independent country by a powerful neighbour. On the other hand, they do not want to put at risk their mutually beneficial relations with Russia.

So these countries are engaging in the delicate balancing act of verbally condemning the invesion and at the same time refrain from joining the economic and other sanction imposed on Moscow by the west except for Syria and Iran- which supported Russia or blame the war on NATO.

Almost all countries of the Middle East, have disappointed the United States, the European union, Canada, and the west in general on the issue of imposing sanctionon Russia and so far resisted call to increase oil and natural gas production to alleviate the problem Europe is currently facing.

If Russia cut gas supplies in retaliation to the sanction imposed by the US and European union, all countries will face a huge energy problem, and what is more at a time when oil price have hit their highest level in more than a decades.

According to a report in the wall Street journal, the Saudi crown prince Mohammad bin Salman and UAE leader Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayad al Nahyan would not come to the phone when US President Biden tried to cal them to discuss boosting oil exports. In contrast, both leader have taken call from Vladimir Putin and later from Ukrainian President volodymyr Zelensky.

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