China has kept open the option of providing military and financial aid to Russia.

Ukraine has been facing Russian attacks for the past 20 days. Russia’s financial condition has worsened in the continuing war. His army is exhausted and the attack is slowing down. Therefore, Russia had sought financial and military help from its friend China. America had warned of dire consequences for helping China (America-China Clash). In the midst of all this, China has decided for Russia’s military and financial help (Russa-China Friendship). This has dented US efforts to persuade China not to help Russia.

Amidst the fierce war going on in Ukraine, UK defense sources have claimed that Russia now has only 10 to 14 days of ammunition left. It has also been revealed from the latest intelligence sources of Britain that while ammunition is running out, they are also finding it very difficult to make an edge in the battlefield. Not only this, maintaining it in the areas which Russia has occupied is also proving to be a difficult task. Only after this, China’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that it has opened its doors to help Russia in the war.

According to the CNN report, a US diplomat told that the US has information that China has kept open the option of providing military and financial aid to Russia as part of its part in the Ukraine war. It is not yet clear what China wants from Russia in return for help.

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