The Karnataka High Court upheld the hijab ban in educational institutions in the state.

The Karnataka High Court Tuesday upheld the hijab ban and dismissed various petitions challenging a ban on scarfs in educational institutions in the state. The high court said that wearing Hijab is not an essential religious practice of Islam.

Reacting to the HC order, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai appealed for peace and harmony. “All students should follow the high court order and should not boycott classes or examinations. We will have to abide by the court orders and will take strict action against those who would take law and order in hands,” Bommai said.

In its interim order on February 10, the high court had restrained students from wearing wearing saffron shawls, (bhagwa) scarfs, hijab, religious flags or the like, within the classroom till the final order was delivered. Irrespective of the High Court order on Tuesday, the matter is expected to go to the Supreme Court.

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