Declare Russia a terrorist country, zelensky told UK MP.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday asked UK lawmakers to declare Russia as a “terrorist country” and more strict sanctions after Russia ‘s attack on his country. To ensure that the country’s airspace is safe. The 44-year-old leader of Ukraine , Zelensky , delivered a “historic” speech while addressing the lower house ‘House of Commons’ via video link. Zelensky was greeted by standing lawmakers.

Addressing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Zelensky said, ‘We want your help to help the Western countries. We are grateful for this help and I am grateful to you, Boris. The President of Ukraine said, ‘Please increase the sanctions against this country (Russia) and please declare this country a terrorist state. Please make sure the skies of our Ukraine remain safe. Addressing the British Parliament, Zelensky said that his country will fight till the last breath against the invasion of Russia. Zelensky told British MPs that ‘we will not give up and will not give up. ,

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