Ukrainian MP claims Russian soldiers raped minor girls as young as 10 years old.

Kyiv: As Moscow start withdrawing its forces from around Kyiv, a Ukrainian politician has claimed that Russian soldiers have raped minor girls as young as 10-years-old and branded women’s bodies with ‘swastika-shaped’ burns.

Ukrainian Member of Parliament Lesia Vasylenk said on twitter, Russian soldiers also looted the cities they captured and couriered ‘endless’ packages to their homeland “with what they stole.”

“Russian soldiers loot, rape and kill. 10 y.o. girls with vaginal and rectal tears. Women with swastika-shaped burns. Russia. Russian Men did this. And Russian mothers raised them. A nation of immoral criminals,” Vasylenk wrote on Twitter.

Russia Rejects Ukraine’s Claim Of War Crime

Meanwhile, the Kremlin has strongly rejected the accusations that Russian troops committed atrocities against civilians in Ukraine and pushed for a meeting of the United Nations Security Council. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Monday that the Ukrainian claims that Russian troops had killed hundreds of civilians outside Kyiv can’t be trusted, adding that “we categorically reject the accusations.”

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