30 MPs united in Kuwait’s Parliament to protest against the Government of India

Nupur Sharma, who was BJP’s national spokesperson and Naveen Kumar Jindal, who was associated with Delhi BJP, made controversial remarks on Prophet Mohammad, which had reached the Gulf countries, it is not stopped yet.

Uttrakhand, India: On Thursday, parliamentarians in Kuwait’s parliament asked their government to make every effort to put pressure on the Indian government.

According to the news of Kuwait Times, 30 out of 50 MPs of the National Assembly have issued a statement signed by them, strongly condemning the police action on the protesting Muslims of India.

Arab Times wrote, “A total of 30 MPs have issued a joint statement expressing their objection to the derogatory remarks on the Prophet Mohammed. These MPs have appealed to their government of Kuwait and other Islamic countries to exert political, diplomatic and economic pressure on the government of India.

He has also said that peaceful protests of Indian Muslims should be supported. MP Osama al-Saheen, speaking on behalf of 30 lawmakers, said that if this statement had been issued by all lawmakers, it would have been passed unanimously.

Members of Kuwait Institute and Legal Studies have tweeted the signed letter of these 30 MPs.

Thirty MPs have said in their statement, “The members of Kuwait National Assembly reject the insult of Prophet Mohammad on behalf of the Government of India, party and media persons. We also condemn the police action against Indian Muslims.

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