The NATO chief said that this war could continue for ‘years’, increasing the world’s concern.

Russian Ukraine War: The fierce war in Ukraine for four months is having an adverse effect on the morale of the armies of both sides and in many places the soldiers are disobeying the orders of their officers or even revolting against them.

Britain’s Defense Ministry said this on Sunday. Meanwhile, the NATO chief said the war could continue for “years”.

Russia and Ukraine’s morale is rising

In a daily report on the war, Britain’s Defense Ministry said, “Fighters of both sides are involved in a fierce battle in the Donbass and their morale is expected to change.” It said, ‘It is feared that soldiers have also left the Ukrainian army in recent weeks.’ It said ‘Russia’s morale is likely to suffer more.’

War can continue for years

In an interview published on Sunday in Germany’s weekly magazine Bild am Sonntag, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that no one knows how long the war could last, “We have to be prepared for it to continue for years.” He urged allies not to cut back on aid to Ukraine, despite the high cost. Not only for military aid, but also keeping in mind the rising energy and food prices, keep it going.

NATO reminded the pain of Ukraine

The NATO chief said the “price that the whole world is paying for food and fuel is nothing compared to what the people of Ukraine are paying.”

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