India’s Diamond City crisis due to Russia-Ukraine war, fear of losing 2 million people’s jobs!

Uttrakhand,India: A lot has changed in the world since the start of the Russia-Ukraine War. From wheat to crude oil and natural gas prices skyrocketed. But there is also a city in India whose luster like ‘diamond’ is being lost in the dust cloud raised by this war. The effect is that for about 20 lakh people working in this city, a crisis of livelihood has arisen.we are talking about Surat (India’s Diamond City), the war between Russia and Ukraine has provided livelihood for about 20 lakh diamond artisans engaged in diamond polishing work in this city. crisis has arisen. AFP has told the tragedy of many such laborers in one of its reports.

The reason for this crisis in Surat is the international economic sanctions imposed on Russia. These restrictions have made it difficult for India to import diamonds and other gems from Russia, while Russia is the largest supplier to India in this case.

The traders of Surat were importing about 27 percent of the rough diamonds from Russia, but due to the war, now this quantity is not reaching the diamond units of Gujarat. Due to this the work is getting affected. Before the war, Gujarat used to import about 30 percent of the total rough diamonds for polishing from the Russian diamond mining company Alrosa. Of the diamonds cut and polished in Gujarat, 60 percent are of Russian origin, most of which are small diamonds.

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