Labour Department sent notice of more than 7 crores to Bhagwati Products Company, know the reason

Uttrakhand, India: Bhagwati Products Ltd, a mobile manufacturing company based in Udham Singh Nagar’s Sidcul Pantnagar, closed the plant in 2018 and fired 303 employees. Since that time the employees were fighting for their rights. Regarding this matter, the Labour Department has sent a notice of more than 7 crores to the company. The Labour Department has given this notice to clear the dues of the employees working there since 2018. If the company does not pay the employees, then the department will take further action.

In Sidcul Pantnagar of Udham Singh Nagar, three hundred and fifty employees of indigenous mobile company Bhagwati Products have got hope of justice. The Labour Department has sent a notice of more than 7 crores to the company management to get the outstanding salary to the agitated employees for three and a half years. Bhagwati Company, which makes mobile, LED, tablet in SIDCUL Pantnagar, laid off 303 employees in 2018 as well as laid off 47 employees and suspended 1 employee. After this, the workers had run the movement for two and a half years. After which the Industrial Tribunal declared the retrenchment illegal and ordered to give benefits to all the employees.

The High Court also upheld the notice

The employees say that even after the order of the court, they are not getting justice. After the decision of the same court, the Labour Department has started the process of getting the salary of the employees from retrenchment till now. A notice has been given to the company for this. Assistant Labour Commissioner Arvind Saini said that the claims given by these workers unions have been deposited in the office. In relation to which the letter has also gone to the employer, which information is sent in Form 2 and Form 3. Time has been given for the advance action on him, so that he gives his answer on those information. After that advance action will be taken on that too.

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