Kanhaiya Lal, who supported Nupur Sharma’s controversial statement about the Prophet Mohammad was killed by two youths.

Uttrakhand,India: There is an alert in the entire state after the tailor’s throat slitting case in Udaipur, Rajasthan. After this incident, incidents of stone pelting and arson have also come to the fore in many places in the state. As a precautionary measure, the administration has imposed curfew in many districts. The involvement of the jihadi group is being feared in this case. Due to this a team of senior rank officers of NIA was sent to Udaipur. The officers of IB in collaboration with the central agency will see the larger conspirancy.

The video of the Udaipur incident also surfaced. The accused also shot the video at the time of murder. Not only this, he later released another video threatening to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well.

According to sources, NIA officials will investigate whether the Radical Group has links with the Global Terror Group. A few days ago, Al-Qaeda had threatened that there would be attacks in many big cities. Investigation is also being done from this angle. After the incident, ADG Law and Order Hawa Singh Ghumaria said that there is a situation of tension in Udaipur after the incident. Internet services have been suspended in Udaipur district. ADG Jangi Srinivasa Rao and Dinesh MN have left for Udaipur. RAC troops were sent to the spot. An additional contingent of 600 policemen is deployed on the spot.

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