First flight of India’s ‘lethal’ drone has successful today

Uttrakhand,India: Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) flew the Autonomous Flying Wing Technology Demonstrator (AFWTD) for the first time, This flight was done at the Aeronautical Test Range in Chitradurga, Karnataka. This aircraft, which looked like America’s B-2 bomber, was fully automatic. It took its own takeoff, way point navigation and smooth landing.

This flight is a major achievement in terms of proving critical technologies towards the development of future unmanned aircraft. This is also a big step for the defense of the country, it has been made by the Bangalore-based Aeronautical Development Establishment. It is powered by a small turbo fan engine. The airframe, undercarriage and the entire flight control and avionics system used for the aircraft are indigenous. Congratulating DRDO, Defense Minister Raj Nath Singh said that this is a big achievement in the direction of autonomous aircraft. This will also pave the way for ‘Self-reliant India’ in the form of important military systems.

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