Can China play peacemaker in Ukraine?

The president of the Beijing-based think tank Centre for China and Globalisation, Wang Huiyao Said China was uniquely positioned to play an intermediary role because it is a well-established trading partner to both nations. “There could be six-party talks involving the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Ukraine,” said Wang, outliningContinue reading “Can China play peacemaker in Ukraine?”

NATO did not accept Zelensky’s appeal, said- ‘Won’t implement no-fly zone in Ukraine’

BRUSSELS: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says the military organization will not enforce a ‘no fly zone’ in Ukraine, as such a move would spark Europe’s widespread war with nuclear-armed Russia. . After chairing a meeting of US Secretary of State Antoine Blinken and foreign ministers of other NATO member states, StoltenbergContinue reading “NATO did not accept Zelensky’s appeal, said- ‘Won’t implement no-fly zone in Ukraine’”

Indian student shot dead in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv

New Delhi: Union Minister VK Singh told news agency ANI today that an Indian student was allegedly shot dead in Ukraine ‘s capital Kyiv . According to the minister, the student was trying to escape from Kyiv when he was injured in the firing. The minister said that after this he was taken back to the city and admitted to the hospital. GeneralContinue reading “Indian student shot dead in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv”

China will not impose economic sanctions on Russia

BEIJING: Amidst Russia’s attack on Ukraine, various countries are trying to take their citizens to safe havens. Meanwhile, China said on Wednesday that one of its civilians was injured in a gunfight in Ukraine, while 2,500 Chinese civilians have been evacuated to safer places in the war-torn country. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin saidContinue reading “China will not impose economic sanctions on Russia”