Believe in yourself

Have a special treat for life

Keep your hope always alive.

He lit himself in dark everytime,

he had a habbit of lighting all the way

what would you understand about flight,

Your hobby is to keep a bird in a cage.

One day people will change in a coffin,

Believe me, keep a door open.

Does’nt know there is a spark in the ashes

Never take a step in hurry.

They become your friend in good time

Just believe in yourself in tough time.

Fitness Tip: Put these habbit to stay healthy and fit in winter.

As soon as winter comes, our hands and feet start freezing with cold. One side while people are troubled by the corona virus on the other side, winter is also causing a lot of problems in people’s lives. In such a situation. In this season of winter, people also feels like making and eating delecious dishes. So let us know which are the food items in this cold season, which will get a lot of relief by eating.

Jaggery: Jaggery is considered very beneficial in winter. It keeps your body warm and its continuous consumption also gets rid of many diseases in the stomach.

Dry Fruits: Dry fruits are expensive but generaly they are very beneficial for the body. If someone uses figs with almonds, raisins in winter, then a lot of protein and vitamins will go into his body, due to which his body will remain disease free even in winter.

Clarified butter: Generally people like to eat clarified butter very much, but in winters it should be consumed more. The healthy fats found in clarified butter are very good for your body in winters. Daily use of clarified butter gives you heat and it also keeps your skin soft.

Turmeric: Turmeric is also called a home medicine, which we use in minor wounds and pain. But do you know how many benefits it has in winter. Daily use of turmeric gives you inner strength. Make it a habit to drink turmeric daily with warm milk in winters. This will greatly benefit your body.

Onion: We use onion in every meal so that our dish becomes delicious, but do you know what is the importance of onion in winter. Onion has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which are very beneficial for the body. This is the reason why experts recommend eating raw onion parathas and onion kachoriyas in winters.

Weight loss:Nutritionist suggests ways to lose weight while enjoying your favourite foods

whats your plan for loos your weight?

weight loss does not only require time, patience and effort, it also equally tests ones willpower to control the urge to enjoy their favourite foods.

But, according to nutritionist Nancy Dehra, “enjoying food that you love while losing weight allows you to stick to your diet.” “Weight loss is achieved by staying in a caloric defict. You can eat what you want while staying in a caloric deficit,” she said.

As such, “you can eat potatoes while losing weight. You can eat carbs after 7 pm and still lose weight. You can eat whatever you want and lose weight,” said Dehra in an Instagram video.

  • Note: The above article is for information purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional for any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.

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Xiaomi 11T pro: Xiaomi’s powerfull smartphone, which is going to be fully charged in just 15 minutes is coming to make a splash in India.

Xiaomi is going to launch another smartphone in India, which will be fully charged in 15 minutes. The design and features of the phone are being liked a lot. The company has disclosed its launch date. Let’s know the tremendous features of Xiaomi 11T Pro HyperPhone .

  • Xiaomi is going to launch Xiaomi 11T Pro on January 19.
  • Xiaomi 11t pro will have 108 MP wide camera.
  • Xiaomi 11t pro will be fully charged in just 15 minutes.

Apart from 120W fast charging, the Xiaomi 11T Pro also has other interesting specs. These include Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC, LPDDR5 RAM, UFS 3.1 storage, 6.6-inch FHD+ 120Hz 10-bit AMOLED display with Dolby Vision and Gorilla Glass victus.

Other features include 108MP (Wide) + 8MP (Ultrawide) + 5MP (Telemacro) triple camera setup, 16MP selfie camera, Dolby Atmos-supported dual stereo speakers tuned by Harmon Kardon, MIUI 12.5 based on Android 11, and 5,000mAh battery is included.

Be Happy

Keep you living life,

Don’t try to understand it.

Weave of your beautifull dreams,

Don’t try to mess with in it.

You just walk with present time,

Don’t try to get stuck in it.

Spread your arms and breath freely,

Don’t try to suffocate deep inside.

Stop the war going on in your mind,

Don’t try to fight yourself unnecessarily.

Some decissions leave for God,

Don’t try to solve everything yourself.

Be happy in what you got,

Don’t try to get the peace that takes away.

KAZAKHSTAN: 164 dead, 6000 arrested in week of protest in Kazakhstan

Moscow: There is a terrible riot going on the wstern-southern tip of Russia. Anty-incumbency voilence has takena terrible form in Kazakhstan. The miscreants torched government buildings along with killing govenrment officers and policemen. These activities in Kazakhstan started with demonstrations to reduce the perice of gas, but the demonstrations turned from riot- violance to arson- blood.

President warns Miscreants: The president dismissed the government and first imposed emergency in Nursultan, Almaty and Mangistau provinces. Then when the disturbance increased, emergency was declared in the whole of Kazakhstan.

Let us tell you that all this happened when the President Kasim Jomart Tokayev has declared a state of emergency in the whole country. Seeing the situation getting out of control, Kazakhstan has sought help from Russia. Now Russian army tanks are running on the city of Kazakhstan.


A food can only be called a superfood when it contains an above-average amount of minerals & vitamins per gram, and beetroot comes in the same category of foods that have above-average vitamins & minerals. Recent studies claim that beets and beetroot juice can improve athletics performance, reduce blood pressure and increase blood flow.

Beet tops provide high level of dietary nitrate. Cooked beet tops are great source of iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, magnesium, potassium and folate. Beet also contains small amount of calcium, thiamine, vitamin B-6, copper, selenium.

Benefit: Beetroot provides a wide range of benefit sucha as improving digestion, reducing blood pressure and lowering the risk of diabetes.

Diet: People can roast ,stream boil or pickles beet. They can also eat them raw.

Risk: Drinking beetroot juice can lead to red, purple or pink urine or stool.


Sometimes anger comes on my own laughter.

Sometimes my heart wants to make the whole world laugh.

Sometimes hide the sorrow in the corner of my heart.

And sometimes the heart just want to shed tears.

Sometimes it feels good to roam free but,

Sometimesthe heart want to confined in someone’s arms.

Sometimes think about something new in my life.

And sometimes the heart just wants to live like this life.

CORONAVIRUS:PM Modi meeting to review covid-19 situation at 04:30 pm, Today

Highlights: PM Modi meeting to review covid-19 situation in the country at 04:30 pm today as Indian Tally spikes

The world continues to reel under Covid-19 wave triggered by the highly contagious Omicron variant of coronavirus. In the United Kingdom, the official death toll from the Covid-19 pandemic exceeded 150,000 on Saturday. The current explosion of omicron-fuelled Covid infections in the US is causing a breakdown in basic functions and services as the virus puts healthcare and frontline workers out of commission. Covid-19 infections are on a steep upward trajectory in India, too, with 1,59,632 cases reported on Sunday. More and more states are imposing tighter restrictions in a bid to control the rampaging virus.

According to Dr. Samiran Panda additional director general of the Indian Council of medical research (ICMR) 1.5 lakh new covid cases, active infection are around 4.8 lakh. 327 deaths in last 24 hrs ending sunday, 9 am . The daily pisitive rate stood at 10.21 percent.

UTTAR PRADESH: Electricity rates reduced by Rs 3 per unit in urban metered connections in UP, farmers also get 50 percent discount in bills

Highlights:CM Yogi has announced to halve the electricity bill of farmers on Thursday. With this, on Friday, the State Energy Minister has announced to reduce the rates of electricity for urban people. electricity rates have been reduced from Rs.6 a unit to Rs.3 a unit.

Lucknow: Assembly elections are approaching. Every day all the parties are making efforts to cultivate every class. Because of this, all the parties were making big announcements regarding electricity. Some were talking about giving 300 units and some 400 units of free electricity. In the midst of all this, BJP has made a big announcement regarding the electricity bill. CM Yogi has announced to halve the electricity bill of farmers on Thursday.

It was not immediately clear if the relief in urban areas was meant only for farmers in urban villages or all urban residents.

“Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath who is committed to the prosperity of farmers has decided to provide a 50 per cent rebate on the present rate of the electricity on their private tubewells,” the tweet said.

Accordingly, the revised rate for metered power connection would be Rs 1 per unit instead of Rs 2 now and the fixed charge on one horsepower motors would be Rs 35 instead of the present rate of Rs 70 per meter, it said.

Likewise for power connection without meter, the charge would be Rs 85 for one horsepower, half of Rs 170 taken presently.

In Urban areas, those having metered connection, electricity charge per unit would be Rs 3 in place of the present rate of Rs 6 and fixed meter rental charge of Rs 65 instead of Rs 130 collected currently.

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