Yesterday saw a glimpse of life

she was humming to me on the way

Then find it here and there

she was similing narrowly

after a long time, i felt relieved

she was stroking for make me sleep

why are we both angry with each other

she was explaining to her and she to me

I asked why did you give me so much pain

she laughed and said I am life , I was teaching you to live .

KGF Chapter 2: Fan request college principal for celebrates Naveen Kumar Gowda (Yash)’s Birthday.

Happy birthday to the heartthrob of the nation, @TheNameIsYash is trending on the social sites . Yash’s fan following craze is often seen in public.

One such a crazy fan’s story presented in Bellary,Karnatka where K Shivakumar, is a BCom student stu​dying in 3rd semester. He is a diehard fan of Rocking Star Yash and never fails to celebrate the actor’s birthday in whichever way possible. This year, because of curbs due to Covid, he decided to take part in online celebration that fans across the state have planned on January 8 so he requested leave to celebrate his favorite actor’s birthday online but whatever his leave is approved or not by the principal is yet unclear.

A true inspiration who has scaled new heights. With the growth & story that we are weaving together, hope to set new records with you. To more incoming madness.

DUBAI: Dubai’s burj khalifa lit with saudi images on the occasion of #saudiday at #Expo2020

Saudi and UAE friendship is one of the most iconic bilateral ties between the two countries and it just never stops showing how inspiring the relationship between these two countries can be.

Dubai’s Burj Khalifa lit up to show imagery of some of Saudi Arabia’s most beautiful landscapes and it was an absolutely breathtaking view.

Let you know the #Expo2020 is a world expo, currently hosted by the Dubai in United Arab Emirates from 1 october 2021 to 31 march 2022. Expo2020 Dubai celebrate of human brilliance and achievement. It is a great opportunity for people to connect from different corners of the world, to experience the best of art, culture, geography, science, technology, innovation and invention and to set into motion millions of new thoughts and ideas that will make a lasting impact in our lives.


You will enjoy this story, it’s easy to understand.

It is about Wan Kamil, a wonderful friend.

In his garden, a small budding tree had grown;

It was not planted it seemed to have come on its own

Wan Kamil figured out without too many words

That it must have been animals, most likely birds

That brought to his garden the seeds of this tree

That has grown now with many fruits, a pleasure to see.

The papayas on the tree are delicious and plentiful

And my friend, Kamil with a soul so beautiful

Understands perfectly nature’s and the animal’s needs.

It are the birds who will spread more amazing seeds

He leaves some of the papayas that are ripe on the tree

The animals and birds seem to have a feast for free

But in the process they will ensure that in some place

Another papaya tree will grow by our Creator’s grace.

written by:- Aufie zophy

Forbes: BTS’s ‘Butter’ Was The Only Song To Sell One Million Copies In America In 2021

Acording to the forbes BTS scored the bestselling song of 2021 in America, and now that all the numbers have been tabulated and made public, it’s clear that nobody else stood a chance when it came to competing with the South Korean pop band.

“Butter” by BTS has been named the bestselling song of 2021 in the U.S., and it wasn’t even close. According to MRC Data’s annual year-end report, the catchy cut sold a whopping 1.889 million copies throughout the year. It’s incredibly rare for any title to come even close to that sum these days, so it’s not entirely shocking that “Butter” wrapped 2021 as the only single to hit one million pure purchases.

As if that wasn’t enough of an accomplishment for BTS, “Butter” was also the only song to sell half a million copies. The No. 2 bestseller of 2021, Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like,” missed reaching that mark by just 1,000 copies. “Butter” outsold the runner-up smash more than three and a half times over, easily outpacing the country track.

PUNJAB:Farmers had stopped Modi’s convoy, the farmer leader told how and why the whole incident happened

The Bhartiya Kisan Sangh has admitted that the Prime minister Narendra modi’s convoy was stopped by its workers.
The Bhartiya Kisan sangh cheif Surjeet singh phool said that 12-13 farmer organization decides to protest as the government had not formed any commettee on minimum support price (MSP).

however he added that the group was 8 km away from the place where PM Modi’s rally was planned and it was the last minute diversionof the PM’s convoy that resulted in this incident.

He further said that it was all an illusion, we dont know how Pm’s schedule was changed. If we had been sure thathe was coming from the road. we would have cleared the road .

Wheter asked him about BKU revolutionary members would apologize for the incident that resulted in a major security lapse, Phool said there was no question of apologizing as it was their “democratic right” to protest .

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