China said to US: Russia-Ukraine conflict is “no one’s intrest.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping told his U.S. counterpart Joe Biden on Friday that conflicts and confrontations such as the events unfolding in Ukraine are in the interests of no-one, according to Chinese state media.

State-to-state relations cannot advance to the stage of confrontation, and conflicts and confrontations are not in the interests of anyone, Xi told Biden on a video call.

“The Ukraine crisis is something that we don’t want to see,” said Xi.

Xi said China and the United States must guide bilateral relations along the right track, and both sides should also shoulder due international responsibilities and make efforts for world peace.

Biden was expected to tell the Chinese leader that Beijing would pay a steep price if it supports the invasion.

The call lasted just under two hours, the White House said.

Earlier, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Biden would make clear to Xi that China will bear responsibility if it supported Russia’s “aggression” and that Washington “will not hesitate to impose costs.”

Blinken said the Biden administration was concerned China was considering directly assisting Russia with military equipment for use in Ukraine, something Beijing has denied.

Joe Biden: Vladimir Putin is murderous dictator and a pure thug.

President Joe Biden on Thursday called Vladimir Putin a “pure thug” and “murderous dictator,” his latest pointed attack against the Russian President as the war in Ukraine rages on.

Speaking at the annual Friends of Ireland Luncheon on St. Patrick’s Day at Capitol Hill, Biden said Putin is “a murderous dictator, a pure thug who is waging an immoral war against the people of Ukraine.”

The comments came a day after Biden called Putin a war criminal — a significant escalation in his rhetoric condemning the Russian leader’s actions against Ukraine. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Thursday Biden’s comments were “absolutely unacceptable and inexcusable.”

India is always exploring options in energy import, MEA on buying cheaper rate oil from Russia.

New Delhi: 17th March, on Thursday India has clarified that it is “always exploring possibilities” in global energy markets as its oil requirements are met by imports.

According to ANI, The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said that almost all of India’s energy requirements are imported, and the country is always exploring new options.

we are always exploring all possibilities in global energy market, because of the situation of importing our oil requirements. I don’t think Russia has been a major supplier,” Bagchi said at a media briefing when asked if India is buying crude oil from Russia.

According to reports, the Indian government is seeking to offset the impact of surging oil prices by securing supplies from Russia at a discount.
The United States on Tuesday said India would not be violating US sanctions by purchasing discounted Russian oil.

Asked about the reports of India considering a Russian offer to buy crude oil and other commodities at discount prices a week after the US banned all Russian energy imports, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the Joe Biden administration’s message would be for countries to abide by US sanctions.

India, the world’s third-largest oil consumer and importer and one of the few countries not to condemn Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, currently imports 80 per cent of its oil, but only about 2 per cent to 3 per cent of those purchases come from Russia.

International Court of Justice ordered Russia to immediately stop the war

The International Court of Justice (ICJ), the top court of the United Nations, has ordered Russia to “immediately suspend” its military operations in Ukraine.

We already knew Russia’s invasion was illegal in international law. But the ICJ decision now makes it virtually impossible for anyone, including Russia, to deny that illegality. It is also impressive because Ukraine used a creative strategy to get the ICJ to hear the case, based on the Genocide Convention of 1948.

Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, gave several justification for invading Ukraine

First, he claimed Russia was acting in “self-defence”. Self-defence is an established reason to use military force in international law. Second, Putin claimed Ukraine was committing genocide against ethnic Russians. This is just as factually and legally flimsy as the self-defence argument.

Of the 15 judges, almost all agreed to order Russia to “immediately suspend” it’s military operations. There were two dissenters: the judges of Russian and Chinese nationality.

This was what is called a “provisional measures” order – an emergency ruling made before the court hears the whole case. Provisional measures are binding. That is important. It means even if Russia maintains incorrectly that the invasion is legal, it is now breaching international law anyway by failing to comply with the ICJ’s order.

However, a binding ruling is not the same as an enforceable one. Just as there is no global government to give the ICJ more power, there are no global police to enforce its decisions.

Another strength of Ukraine’s case is that there is, in any event, no rule in international law automatically giving one state a right to invade another state to stop a genocide. One reason is that a cynical aggressor could manipulate or abuse such a rule. That is basically what this case is all about.

Declare Russia a terrorist country, zelensky told UK MP.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday asked UK lawmakers to declare Russia as a “terrorist country” and more strict sanctions after Russia ‘s attack on his country. To ensure that the country’s airspace is safe. The 44-year-old leader of Ukraine , Zelensky , delivered a “historic” speech while addressing the lower house ‘House of Commons’ via video link. Zelensky was greeted by standing lawmakers.

Addressing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Zelensky said, ‘We want your help to help the Western countries. We are grateful for this help and I am grateful to you, Boris. The President of Ukraine said, ‘Please increase the sanctions against this country (Russia) and please declare this country a terrorist state. Please make sure the skies of our Ukraine remain safe. Addressing the British Parliament, Zelensky said that his country will fight till the last breath against the invasion of Russia. Zelensky told British MPs that ‘we will not give up and will not give up. ,

Boris Johnson said,”Putin has been able to blackmail the West to hold Western economies to ransom”.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrived in the Gulf on Wednesday for meetings in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia aimed at easing skyrocketing gasoline prices, as the West grapples with economic headwinds from Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Johnson will be seeking greater investments in the UK’s renewable energy transition and ways to secure more oil to lessen British dependence on Russian energy supplies.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine is “causing global uncertainty and a spike in the price of oil,” Johnson told reporters in Abu Dhabi ahead of his meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed. “Everybody can see the effect of the increase in gas prices that are coming through,” he said.

“Because of Europe’s reliance on Russian oil and gas, Putin has been able to blackmail the West to hold Western economies to ransom,” he said. “We need independence,” Johnson added.

“The reason for coming here is that it’s not just that they’ve got oil. They’re also some of the biggest investors here, in the Gulf, in UK renewables,” Johnson said in Abu Dhabi.

Boris said he’s raised human rights issues many times and will raise them again during this trip. “But we have long, long-standing relationships with this part of the world and we need to recognize the very important relationship that we have and the strength of that relationship,” he said.

China refuses aircraft part deliever to Russia.

After the Russian aviation sector was hit by crippling Western sanctions for war against Ukraine, China refused to supply Russia with aircraft parts . For the supply of aeroplane parts, Russia now plans to seek assistance from India, Turkey and other countries, reported Global Defense Corp.

Russian news agency Interfax reported.
Rosaviatsia official Valery Kudinov was quoted by Interfax as saying, “We have tasked airlines with looking for a possible supplier of parts on their own. As far as I know, there is information that a request has been made to China, but China has refused to do it.
“We will be looking (for opportunities) in other countries. Perhaps, via our partners, Turkey, or via India. Every company will reach an agreement on its own while we (Rosaviatsiya) will merely help legalise these parts.”

Most of the aircraft used by Russian airlines are manufactured by Boeing and Airbus. Earlier this month, Boeing and Airbus announced that they will stop aircraft spare parts supply to Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, in retaliation to the mounting sanctions imposed on it by the West, Russia has now banned exports of aircraft and drones, among others, reported TASS.

Is Canadian Sniper Wali Dead or Alive.

The death of Canadian sniper Wali is making the rounds on the internet, notably on Twitter and other social media platforms. It is believed that he died during the bombardment of Yavoriv.

None of the substantial media homes have confirmed the information on Canadian Sniper Wali’s dying. Hence, the rumor appears to be invalid.

At the identical time, there have been missile assaults on the Yavoriv area, the place Wali was believed to be stationed earlier than his deployment.

Wali has requested to be recognized by the codename he was given in Afghanistan if former KGB strongman Putin discovers his true id and tries to assassinate his Quebec household.

However, the sniper’s true id is unknown, though he is called “Wali,” which implies “guardian” in Arabic.

Wali is 40-years old ace sniper from Canada.

Ukraine preserves its resistance to Russia as the battle enters its nineteenth day. Hundreds of individuals reacted to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s require international boxers to eliminate alongside the Ukrainian army and inductees. “Wali,” the “world’s most dangerous sniper,” stands out among the numerous. On March 4, Wali, a previous Canadian sharpshooter, and three other ex-Canadian soldiers, as well as a handful of British experts, are thought to have arrived in Ukraine.

Wali was a married man and had children. He started his career as a program engineer and later joined the military to serve the nation. Wall-E is a high profile personality in Canada. The death of world’s top sniper is a big setback for the Russian army and snipers. Wall-E died within 20 minutes of joining the Ukraine-Russia battlefield. This is really shocking!! that he didn’t get a single chance.

Three Indians stranded in Ukraine have been evacuated.

New Delhi: Three Indians stranded in Ukraine’s southern region of Kherson have been evacuated through Simferopol and Moscow, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said on Tuesday.
MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said the Indian embassy in Russia facilitated the transit of the Indians and that they have already boarded their flights from Moscow.

“Three Indians stranded in Kherson have been evacuated via Simferopol and Moscow. They boarded their flight from Moscow a short while ago. @IndEmbMoscow facilitated their transit and accommodation en route,” Bagchi said in a tweet.

India had also evacuated its nationals from Romania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova after they crossed over to these countries from Ukraine through land border transit points.

British PM Boris Johnson blames Russian oil ‘Addiction’.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday underscored his drive for energy independence, saying the West’s failure to wean itself from Russian oil and natural gas after the annexation of Crimea paved the way for the invasion of Ukraine.

Western countries made a “terrible mistake” in returning to normal economic relations with Russia after the Crimean incursion and becoming even more dependent on Russian energy exports, Johnson wrote in a front page article in The Telegraph newspaper. “And so when (Vladimir Putin) finally came to launch his vicious war in Ukraine, he knew the world would find it very hard to punish him.

Ending the world’s dependence on Russian energy will starve Putin of cash, Johnson said as he made the case for the U.K. government’s plan to phase out imports of oil and gas from Russia by the end of this year.

To replace Russian energy and cut carbon emissions, the UK must expand production of wind power, and invest in other forms of renewable energy including solar, tidal, geothermal and hydroelectric power plants, Johnson said. The UK must also reverse the “historic mistake” of moving away from nuclear energy, he said.

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